Saturday, August 19, 2017

Summer of Fun

This post is pretty late but over the summer I was in charge of my own kindergarten class which was amazing... and a mess at the same time. I think some of this may have been covered in my last post but I just wanted to make sure that when I look back I didn't forget this time in my life. Instead of going through a long drawn out post, I'll list a few pertinent parts of my experience.

  1. I had 13 kids on my roster but was lucky if I had 9 of them all show up on the same day.
  2. We were in a super hot building and told we were getting air conditioning, but only a few rooms got them.
  3. We were told there would be no children with extreme behavior problems in the program... there were. Several that were in self contained classes during the year, and placed with non special ed teachers with non special ed teaching assistants.
  4. I met some amazing people that I taught with and hope to stay friends with.
  5. My students were my favorite part of the program. They weren't perfect angels but I love to learn from them and gain new experiences.
  6. I had some interesting experiences with parents.
  7. We took the kids swimming one day. Lots of kids say they can swim... until they get in a pool.
  8. We had our students for 10 hours a day... 10. hours.
  9. The money I made was crazy good.
  10. I probably would do the program again in the future if I still lived in that area.