Saturday, April 2, 2016

Expository Writing: How-To activity

I gave a lesson this week while I was subbing second grad about expository writing. They had a bit of background knowledge about the topic and before we got to this activity we did an activity on the smartboard where each child moved a picture into the its sequential spot such as the steps to build a snowman or the steps to plant a flower or bake a pie. They also talked about the reason they put each picture in each spot to practice explaining their reasoning. I then showed the students and achor chart of a how to that I did on brushing teeth.

We also talked about using sequence words (first, then, next, last or finally), The next step was having all the student write on a post it note something they knew how to do and could explain in four steps.

Which I then transferred to another chart so they could see all of their ideas better,

They then wrote their steps to whatever their skill was on lined paper. After we edited and revised it together, they wrote a neater copy on a worksheet and drew colored pictures to accompany their steps.

I didn't get to the next step before it was time for the regular teacher to return but the intended next step was to turn their steps into a small book. I made a sample from my skill of brushing teeth.

There you have it!

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