Saturday, May 14, 2016


So back to second grade we go. I'm still in for that teacher that broke her foot. I know I'm posting all of these on the same day but that's just because this is the first free minute I've had, they didn't all take place on the same day.

Anyway during one of the stories we read this week the associated skill was suffixes so I made yet another cute chart to talk about suffixes and how they change the meaning of a word.

We talked about how when using a suffix you add it to a base word and it changes the meaning of the original word.

  1. Slow + ly = slowly "To do something in a slow way"
  2. Hope + ful = hopeful "To be full of hope"
  3. Teach + er = teacher "A person who teaches"
  4. Tall + er = taller "I am taller than my son" (enforce that it is important to compare to something. I got a lot of "The car is heavier" and "The teacher is taller" ... ok heavier than what? taller than what?)
  5. Visit + or = visitor "A person who visits"
  6. Child + ish = childish "To be like a child"

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