Wednesday, April 26, 2017

You Work Where?!

Today's laugh and a half is brought to you by a first grader.

Today after I got finished teaching my after school class and the kids were waiting for the bus to go home, I was standing with them. I had on my jacket and all of my bags and my things to go home since naturally, I was leaving too. A kid looks at me and goes,

"Are you leaving?"
So I'm like "Are you leaving?"

"Why do you have all your bags and stuff?"

"Why do you have your backpack on?"

"This isn't your school."

"Why isn't it my school, I work here?!"

"You do? I thought you worked at Dave & Busters!"

"What??! Why do you think I work at Dave & Busters?"
He then grabs the Dave & Busters keychain on my car keys and turns it over to reveal a picture of me and my boyfriend on the back.

"Thats you and who is that?"

"That's my boyfriend."
Then he runs to another student and says "Miss Morton has a boyfriend and they go to Dave & Busters!"

The kid thought I worked at Dave & Busters

via GIPH

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