Monday, July 3, 2017

500 Instagram Followers Giveaway!! [CLOSED]

I've had my instagram account for a few years now but this year is when I started to take it more seriously. I've finally reached 500 followers and I want to celebrate!

This giveaway will cost you only a $5 contribution to me on paypal, all of which will go towards a gift card for Teachers Pay Teachers. After which, your instagram name will be added to a rafflecopter giveaway in which hopefuls will need to follow your account for an entry!

If you are interested in being a part of the giveaway click here by July 7th!

If you have any physical products (not printed out digital products) you would like to contribute instead of money please email me at

Check out my instagram account, since you're here anyway!


  1. When is the giveaway and do you make an ad or do we make our own?

    1. The I'm accepting contributions until friday. I'll make the ads and get everyone all the information over the weekend and the giveaway starts monday!

  2. Congrats and I've just signed up and sent the money! Thank you! Anne Rozell