Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 1

Day 1

Tomorrow I take over the 2 year old classroom at the daycare I work at. I am excited yet nervous. I just graduated in December 2014 and this will be the first time I am in charge. I know the children pretty well and I feel like the previous teacher really prepared me for running the classroom. I am excited to start making some changes... mostly with the decorations. I have a ton of ideas I am ready to try... however my first one didn't go so well. I tried to make sensory bottles. Pretty simple right? I brought 5 empty water bottles to work, filled one with buttons, one with sequins, one with beads, one with pom poms, and since I donated some old barbies to the 4 year old room yesterday, I used to shoes in the last bottle since they were a choking hazard. At least they aren't garbage now. Anyway back to my bottle blunder. I added water to the bottles and proceeded to put hot glue around the rims and screw the caps back on. The hot glue was so thick that I couldn't get the cap on all the way. I figured the glue would work to seal the gaps anyway... *buzzer* wrong choice Joyce. After the glue dried and I shook one I realized there was water dripping out. I tried just duct taping over the caps cause ya know... duct tape fixes everything... except water bottles with the tops not screwed on all the way. So I pried off all the tape and broke out the Hulk strength to pry the caps off and peel off the hot glue. After that I thought to use Elmer's glue since it would be thinner and I could screw the tops on. I know I know don't tell me. Elmer's is water soluble. I knew that but I got desperate. Anyway to wrap it up they still leaked even after I covered the caps with masking tape. So first project for the room... disaster. But I'm hoping to retry it with the hot glue but do it inside the cap and hope that will work.

Maybe the rest of the summer will go better. As I was saying goodbye to the previous teacher she handed me a photo of our class. I told her I was sad she was leaving and it was like the end of an era. She responded with "No, it's the beginning of one."

This was written on the back of the photo:

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