Saturday, September 26, 2015

On the Road Again...

So after working for my new lead teacher position that I was so excited about I've been laid off? I guess? Let me start from the beginning. I was hired to be a full time teacher. My class was a preschool class (older 2 year olds and 3 year olds) that was going to be split into two classes and I was to be in charge of running the older 2 year old class. I started off getting scheduled 40 hours, but my coworkers informed me I wouldn't be actually working 40 hours a week because most of the teachers get sent home early once the kids start going home at the end of the day. That happened to me a few times. Then I had a day when my boss told me she didn't need me to come in the next day at all... that's a whole day's pay lost. Then a few days later I was sent home after about an hour because the number of children in attendance that day was low. Then I was scheduled the next week for only 16 hours and told they didn't have as many children as they anticipated to start in the near future actually starting and that my position may become an on call position. I immediately made an appointment to start substitute teaching in a nearby district. After taking the interview I found out that actually pays more than I thought and more than what I was making. I originally canceled this interview the first time I had made it a month ago because I thought the job I was offered paid better so maybe this is a blessing in disguise. My boss then emailed me and asked if I wanted to interview for a full time position at one of the other daycares we are affiliated with that was closer to my house. I told her I was waiting to be approved to sub and I'd like to keep my position for a few more days. She told me she had already put me down as my last day being the next day. So even though I was anticipating leaving I was let go a little earlier than I wanted. I still hugged all my babies goodbye and found a few of my coworkers on facebook. I guess now I wait to see if I can sub soon. I have another interview for a different district in a few days.

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