Sunday, September 4, 2016


Today's laugh and a half is brought to you by a 2 year old boy and my teacher assistant

So my last day of being lead teacher was this past Friday, it was also wacky week so it was pajama day; meaning my kids and I were all wearing pajamas. We're outside on the playground and I pick up a little boy. His pants feel a bit wet but I'm not paying attention so I'm just thinking he might have sat in something. When I put him down I realize my pajama shirt is SOAKED. I look at my teacher assistant and I'm like why is my shirt so wet? She's like "maybe it's from the bubbles you were blowing." And I'm thinking bubble don't make your shirt this wet. So I go feel the kid's pants and they are DRENCHED. I look at my TA and she goes "How can his pants be that wet if he has a diaper on?" So I take a look... no diaper. I'm like wtf "Did you not put a diaper on him after you changed him?!" She's like "I thought I did." I ask the kid "Where's your diaper?" He goes "Um it's inside." And I'm like "How did it get inside? Did you take it off or did Lola take it off?" He says "Lola did." I peek inside the classroom to see if I see a diaper on the floor anywhere, I don't.

We take all the kids inside so I can change this kid and get him some dry clothes. When I go to take his wet pants off what do I find? His diaper... stuffed up into the ankle area of his pants, soaked. So I'm dying laughing and now I have to change his whole pants, socks and shoes. Then he doesn't have extra shoes in his stuff so... now he's barefoot until I can find him some shoes.

*All names are changed for confidentiality.

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