Sunday, August 28, 2016

Wacky Work Week

I'm entering my final week as Lead Teacher... again. My boss' boss was in our facility the other day and tried to convince me to stay on like my boss has been. She tried telling me about how I could be an assistant director or a director. And I mentioned to her that I didn't know if I was qualified to be a director, she says I am. Mind you this is only the first or second time I've met this woman so if she's trying to convince me to stay on and climb the ranks than I can only assume my boss has spoken pretty highly of me.

If there is an opening for a higher position in January I'd like to consider it. Now of course you don't just walk into management and she didn't actually offer me anything so I'm not just assuming I'm going to walk in one day and be the boss. No of course not, I'm not that naive. But after thinking about it a little, I think it'd be better to say "I'm the Director" than to say "I'm the substitute teacher".

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