Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Moving On and On and On

Once again I find myself in the midst of a... I don't know if I should necessarily say a career transition because I'm transitioning back to my position as a building substitute at the same school I was working at before. But I just seem to constantly find myself changing jobs. My current job is as lead teacher of a toddler classroom... aka my dream job if it paid more. My boss really wants to keep me on but I refer you back to the "if it paid more" comment.

I love both of my jobs and I find myself searching for a way to keep them both but I can recall a year and a few months ago and working 3 jobs being very overwhelmed. I also recall trying to work and go to grad school, Knowing how that felt and trying to add a second job where I'd basically be doing 12 hour days and then trying to come home and do homework. It doesn't sound good. Plus there are several other factors.

  1. I imagine that if I stay on and only work in the afternoon at the daycare, that I couldn't remain lead teacher and keep my classroom or my pay which means I'd be making even LESS than the not enough I'm already making.
  2. I'm taking a huge pay cut at my subbing job as well. We lost the grant our school had so we no longer have an extended school day so we are going to be paid less.
  3. They've decided to start insuring building subs and I recently lost my old insurance but... that's another chunk of my paycheck.
  4. It's my final semester of grad school and I really don't wanna fuck it up.
I also am being considered for covering a maternity leave for a first grade teacher in my school. I'm very excited about the prospect
  1. I love that teacher
  2. I know most of last year's kindergartners/this year's first graders and I'm excited to be their teacher even for a bit
  3. I'm nervous as heck about being in charge again but the experience will prepare me for having my own classroom which is a goal of mine that is quickly approaching.

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