Friday, August 26, 2016

Now You See Me...

Today's laugh and a half moment is brought to you by a 2 year old (the same one as yesterday actually)

I was sitting on the floor and I asked this 2 year old child to come to me, he wasn't in trouble I just wanted a hug. He recently does this thing with me and my teacher assistant where if we're asking him to come get hugs or cuddles he laughs and runs away. So he ran behind a shelf where I couldn't see him but there was a mirror behind him so I actually could still see him. I craned my neck around and said "I see you!" and of course he giggled and ran away. He ran to the other side of the shelf and I said "I still see you!" and he giggled and ran back to the other side. This continued for a few times. Then I had to look away to attend to another child for a second. When he came back around the shelf waiting for me to say "I see you" and saw I was doing something else, he pulled his shirt over his head and started walking quietly toward me. When I turned around I couldn't help but crack up at the fact that he figured if his shirt was over his face than I couldn't see him. Toddlers are endlessly hilarious.

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