Thursday, July 28, 2016

Teachers aka Improv Artists

For beach week my intended cooking activity was going to be "beach in a cup".

What's beach in a cup you say?

Well I'm glad you asked.

Beach in a cup is when you use blue jello to replicate an ocean in a cup, then crumble some yellow cookies on top to simulate your "beach". To up the cuteness of the craft you can add a piece of fruit roll up to be your beach towel and lay a teddy gram on top as your sunbather. And the pièce de résistance... a small drink umbrella to be your beach umbrella.

Cute right?

Totes, it's adorable. So there's only so much "cooking" you can do with a 10 two-year-olds in a room, all of whom are eager to participate and crowding around the table. Start at the jello, usually something that you do with boiling water. Am I giving two-year-olds boiling water? No. So I let the kids pour the jello mix into the bowl, then take turns pouring cold water in the bowl. After that they took turns stirring the jello. I vigorously stirred it after that, but I just could not get the jello to dissolve enough. I hoped for the best, spooned it into separate cups and put it in the fridge overnight.

Fast forward to the next day.

I checked the jello in the fridge expecting jello but just checking as a formality...

Total. freaking. liquid.

So I'm looking around like... bro -__-

My boss tells me to leave it until nap time and if it hasn't set by then then to freeze it... I'm like if it didn't set overnight it isn't gunna be set in the next 4 hours.

So they put it in the freezer for me.

Here comes the improv

Now my beach in a cup jellos are going to be jello pops with cookies on the side... as if the kids will care.

But fast forward to snack time and the jello isnt all the way frozen yet either!

This jello is causing far too many f#@&ing problems in my life.

So I'm like Hey, I can still save this. Since it's in a slushie state they can eat it with a spoon I can still go with the original plan.

So we crumble the cookies and lay the teddy gram on top and voila.

My point is, teachers think quickly on their feet.

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