Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bathroom Blunders

Ok I'm about to rant real quick

Am I the only teacher who knocks on a closed bathroom door before I walk into it??! I was subbing in a school the other day and the door wouldn't close the right way. The first two times I used the bathroom I was able to push the door closed enough to where I got the lock to lock. No one knocked or tried to come in. The third time I went to use the bathroom I couldn't get the door to shut enough to lock it, it was the end of the day, the kids were gone and I had to pee again before I left. Of course this was the time another teacher needed to use the bathroom, but did she knock? Nope just walked on in and said "oops sorry!" I'd rather hear a knock on the door rather than an oops after the fact. It's just common courtesy for anyone to knock on a bathroom door before just walking in.

My other issue occurred when I was on the other side of the bathroom door. I needed to use the restroom. The faculty restrooms are locked, I had a key but before I used it I knocked on the door several times and waited to listen for an answer. When I didn't hear one I started to use the key to open the door. The lock was difficult and I was struggling with it, then I hear "hold on a minute!" I'm just sitting here like... b***h... no you didn't just cop and attitude with me. You were given ample warning that someone was trying to come into the bathroom and you chose to remain silent. Don't get buck when I start to come in open your mouth or give some sort of indication that you're inside.

Alright rant over. But my point is I feel like there's 
certain bathroom protocols people should follow.

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