Saturday, October 10, 2015

Special Ed/Special Teacher

Lately when I talk to people about wanting to become a teacher a surprising amount of people go "So when are you adding special ed.? That's where all the money is." I'm just like "uhhh yea no". A special ed. teacher I talked to about this told me they only make a small percentage more than the regular teachers and even so, everybody knows teachers are grossly underpaid and you don't go into teaching for the money! My current certification is birth through grade 2, and I'm working on adding literacy birth through grade 6. Everyone always was telling me I'd never find a job if I didn't make myself more marketable and at least add up to grade 6. So I decided I would add up to grade 6 even though I prefer to deal with younger children, I convinced myself that having the grade 6 certification would at least get my foot in the door and hopefully I could work with younger children anyway. But as far as special ed.? Not gunna do it. It's not that I don't think children in special ed. are deserving of my time or that they are less than or anything. I just feel that special education deserves a certain kind of teacher, a teacher that has the passion and patience to tend to children with special needs. I know that I am not that teacher and if I was to become a special education teacher I would be miserable and the children would suffer because of it. You always see those teachers who you know should not be teachers... I don't want that to be me.

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