Saturday, October 10, 2015

Teachers vs. Students

Yes I'm about to rant again...

This time its about teachers that engage in arguing with students

I don't argue with students. I'm a grown woman and I don't waste my time arguing with children. First of all if a student is talking back and arguing with you in the first place there's a problem with the level of respect in the room. Secondly a child's mind is not on the same level as yours, you're an adult you need to set a child straight calmly and let them know who is in charge.

I was subbing in a fifth grade classroom once, p.m. half day so the teacher was still in the room when I got there and when I walked in the room she was arguing with a little girl. She was speaking SO disrespectfully to this teacher and the teacher was arguing back instead of taking control of the situation and I was just standing there like... where am I?? She warned me about her disrespectful kids on her way out. The minute she left the room I let them kids know immediately I was NOT the one and they would speak to me like they have some sense or they would be sent to the principal's office. There were a few kids who still tried it but they were sent out like I said... I also don't make empty threats to kids because they pick up on that stuff and eventually know you won't do anything when they act up. Most of the kids were in line for the rest of the day.

My point is why argue with a child? I don't have the time. I tell the kids I'm subbing for all the time if they try to start with me "Sorry, I don't argue with children" and the conversation is over. I'm in charge and whatever I said goes there's no debate about it. If you have something to contribute about how things are usually done in your class you can raise your hand and tell it to me nicely but don't try to tell me I have to do it how your teacher does.

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