Thursday, August 27, 2015

As Time Ticks On... I Get Ticked Off

I'm a little P.O.'d today. I didn't go to work yesterday I had to go to my grad school to deal with some things before school starts. Anyway I came back today and things were changed in my classroom. Decorations were changed things were moved. I had left notes around the room for the new hire teacher to know certain things, they were taken down. After tomorrow of course I don't have any say or care what they do with the room, life goes on after I leave, but I'm still here and I don't like things being moved and changed while I'm still here so now I have to wonder where things are in my own classroom. I just needed to vent it out.

Anyway I left a few pages of notes for the new teacher about each kid and a few things that really I'm probably the only one who knows because I'm in there with them everyday. As far as the big stuff the other employees can train the new teacher, the same way they trained me when I started. The difference is I was hired as a sub and when I became lead I had spent a lot of time with these children and talked to the parents and I knew certain things, a new hire who didn't train under the lead of the room would have a different experience. In these notes I left things like who gets a binky at nap time, what behaviors they should watch for with each child, and what they mean when they're talking about certain things. I just thought it'd be helpful but I hope they get to even read it and it's not deemed unnecessary and thrown away before they even hire someone.

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