Tuesday, October 11, 2016

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 11

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15 of my fave things

  1. My hair
  2. Cool socks which I have a drawer full of but I'm starting to pull away from wearing them as I change my professional style. But I'm probably not going to stop wearing them in the near future.
  3. Talenti Mango sorbet
  4. Pokemon Go #TeamValor I tend to get addicted to video games for a certain amount of time and then I move on. They're usually games I can find online or facebook and play for a short period of time to distract myself while I'm doing my homework. Sometimes I'm using to break up the stress, other times I'm just procrastinating. I don't get out and play Pokemon as much as I'd like though and now that it's getting colder? Who knows.
  5. My motorola 360 watch. I never really wanted a smartwatch but my boyfriend got me one and it's actually pretty helpful, when I remember to stay in the vicinity of my phone.
  6. My blog. I had a blog in the past but I didn't really keep up with it, maybe because I was hoping for a lot of views and interactions and that's the wrong reason to blog, so when I didn't get those things, I got discouraged and kind of fell off. This blog is more just for me to reminisce and reflect with myself about my teaching experience. Now that I've been writing for over a year I can look back on some of my posts and relive things I've been through. It's someone therapeutic.
  7. My Squid Guy and My Freedom Doggie. Freedom Doggie is a pink and white dog stuffed animal that my boyfriend got me for valentines day a few years ago. Squid Guy is a stuffed animal I fell in love with in Disneyworld 2 months ago. And again my boyfriend got it for me. He actually isn't a squid though he's the septopus from Finding Dory.
  8. My shows. I have a few tv shows I watch.... that a lie, I have many tv shows I watch every week. And some on netflix.
  9. My hamster. I don't consider him or people a 'thing' but I'm running out of stuff, I'm not even sure I like 15 things. But my hamster's name is Panda and he's a cutie-ba-butie. He lives in a small version of my my apartment building or as I call it, his apartment. He grew out of his old cage and most hamsters are dwarf breeds so hamster cages are made for small little guys, which he is not so I had to buy him a huge cage for small rodents.
  10. A broken clock I have. Towards the beginning of my relationship with him, my boyfriend got me a clock shaped like a treble clef but I didn't have anywhere to hang it while I was living in my parent's house. A few years later we live together and I hung it in our house... until it fell off the wall and broke. Which brings me to my next favorite thing...
  11. My tattoo. I have a huge tattoo on my thigh and it's like a garter belt that ties into a bow. It's also a music staff with the first few measures from Bach Invention (oh lord I never remember if it's #4 or #8) Both songs are significant to me. My senior year in high school was my last opportunity to participate in NYSSMA. The level I competed for required me to learn 2 songs so I learned Bach Invention #4 and #8. I love them both and the tattoo represents my love of music, the piano, and a reminder of how much I loved playing. I don't play so much anymore but I do still love it. ...runs over to google... it's #8.
  12. My love and talent for the flute and the piano.
  13. Going to the gym. I have a hard time dragging myself there sometimes but I feel better after a good workout.
  14. My lipsticks. I always wanted to learn how to do makeup and this year I finally tried something bold for my lips and I'm actually pretty good at it.
  15. Lastly... I don't know I'm having a hard time thinking of another thing. Gimmie a minute....
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...okay I've got something. My bed. Not just because I love sleep (which I do a little too much I probably should see someone about that) but because it's my safe haven. My bed is where I feel most comfortable. I sleep here, I eat here, I watch my shows here, I do my homework here. It's like that home base when you're a kid and you're outside playing tag. I'm safe.

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