Sunday, October 2, 2016

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 2

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Twenty facts about me
oh lord... here we go..

  1. I was born on the first day of summer June 21st which happens to be my favorite day of the year.
  2. A teacher is the first thing I said I wanted to be when I was a kid.
  3. I'm a trash reality tv junkie and I am not ashamed.
  4. I love tattoos but I only have 1 because I'm afraid to hate them when I get older.
  5. I've always wanted to have long hair but I never could get it passed my shoulders.
  6. I love we wear crazy socks.
  7. I hated dresses when I was a kid, but now I wear a dress every day the weather permits.
  8. I've never drank so much that I blacked out.
  9. I've had 2 dogs in my life, several fish, and a hamster.
  10. I don't have much patience with people but I have much more for children.
  11. I've been in college for 7 years and still do finish my homework the day it's due.
  12. I have one brother and one sister-in-law.
  13. This week I'll be attending my first comic con.
  14. I always wanted to go to Vans Warped Tour but never made it.
  15. I've seen Fall Out Boy live 5 times in 2 countries.
  16. I play the flute and the piano.
  17. Although I had some bad roommate situations, I had an amazing time during undergrad and met some of my best friends.
  18. Transitioning my hair to it's natural form is one of the best decisions I've made about my body.
  19. I like jewelry but I hardly ever wear it because I'm allergic to most metals.
  20. I love cute high heeled shoes but my feet start to hurt after like an hour in them.

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