Tuesday, October 4, 2016

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 4

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What I'm afraid of

Some of the things I'm afraid of are pretty dark (I watch a lot of SVU) so I'll try to keep it PG-13 at best.

  1. I'm afraid of not being able to move my arms and legs. I consider it a form of claustrophobia. If I'm somewhere where I can't move my arms or legs up or out I'd have to literally force myself to pretend I'm somewhere else and stop trying to move so I'll forget I can't. It either stems from a childhood incident or that incident is just what made me realize the fear.
  2. I'm afraid that I tried all this time to not have a baby before I was ready, and that when I am ready one day I won't be able to for some medical reason.
  3. I'm afraid of being kidnapped and sold. (SVU)
I don't think I have many others that I can think of.

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