Thursday, July 16, 2015

Adorable Anecdote

I have a kid in my class who's parents got him a potty watch. Its a small toilet shaped watch that lights up and plays a song every 30 minutes to tell him to go potty. It sounds annoying but it's actually not it's pretty helpful for him. Anyway the watch went off and when we went to go potty I noticed his pull-up was wet. I said "uh-oh what happened why is your pull-up wet" and he goes "Zoey did it!" I have never laughed so hard. I was like excuse me did he just look in my face and blame someone else for wetting his pull up?! It was hilarious. I thought he was talking about a girl in our class named Zoey but when I told his dad this story he laughed as well but he said he says that sometimes because his mother's dog's name is Zoey. That didn't make it any less funny to me that he just off top blamed someone else for his pull-up being wet. It's the little moments that keep ya goin'.

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