Wednesday, July 1, 2015

So how did my first day as lead teacher go you ask?

Let's just say... I'm exhausted. 9 two-year-olds is a lot of work. Granted I have been in this classroom for a few weeks now and was well trained by the previous teacher so I know how to do most of the things in my room. I also have an awesome boss who answers even my silliest of questions. I do have a new girl in my class who just started this week and today was just her second day. She is super nice and adorable. Her parents send her to school with all organic food and special baby wipes and stuff. She had a cup of milk in her bag and it wasn't in a regular sippy cup it was some kind of new fangled thing. I thought it was just a storage container because the top twisted on and it wasn't leaking or spilling. Anyway when I finally opened it I saw milk... chunky milk. I reflexively smelled it and it didn't smell rancid so I asked my boss and some of my co-workers. We came up with that it might be rice milk or almond milk or something but decided until I contacted her parents to ask I wasn't going to give it to her. Her last day at the school was two days ago so it stands to reason that the milk was left in the bag for two days and no one noticed it. Eventually I got her dad on the phone and he said it was some kind of special milk his wife bought that had cream that floats to the top and it was supposed to be chunky and just shake it before I gave it to her. So when lunch rolled around and I went to give it to her I realized I didn't have a cup to put it in (all the families are supposed to provided a milk and water sippy cup if they want their kid to have milk). I decided to see if she could drink out of it as if it was a regular cup and I was surprised that she could and without resisting but I still sat by her while she drank it. When her dad came to pick her up I asked him about her not having a cup and he explained to me that that WAS a sippy cup and she could have drank out of it with the top on... I don't know how. I turned it upside down and stuff and nothing came out. All these new fangled gadgets and devices for kids. Too much.

Aside from the sippy cup debacle the day went pretty well. I was originally intended to have only 5 kids in my class starting this week which is the ratio to which a teacher is allowed to be alone with kids that age. Let me break this down: When the previous teacher was here we had 10 kids. Subtract 3 that were supposed to move up to the next age classroom and 2 that were supposed to be unenrolled for the summer. That leaves us at 5. One of the ones that we thought was unenrolling for the summer is actually not, my boss misunderstood the parent so that puts me back at 6, plus my new student that just enrolled 7, plus none of my 3 that were supposed to move up have yet and my boss seems like she's deciding one of them will not be so that leaves me back at 10 somehow.

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