Monday, July 13, 2015

Water Woes

Today we took the kids into a sprinkler on the playground. It is BLAZING hot here. Some of the kids were a bit stand offish  but eventually started running through the water. One little girl was so mesmerized by the spinning of the sprinkler head I'm not even sure she realized she was getting drenched standing so close for about 20 minutes. But she laughed and played after a while. I had one other little girl who was ok to put her hands out and in the water if I held her but that was about it. One boy had the same reaction except that he wanted me to hold him the whole time or hugged my leg even when I got him out of the water and assured him he didn't have to go in if he didn't want to. You can see how this became a little difficult trying to keep 5 two-year-olds in one area of a playground by myself. Eventually some of the other kids ran through it and enjoyed it so I count 3 out of 5 as a success. I don't know how often I will be expected to do this so it'll be interesting. I did add to my list of life experience lessons that it takes a long time to change 2 year olds into bathing suits. I was way off schedule this morning.

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  1. I wonder who the little girl that was mesmerized by the sprinkler. Lol! I remember you telling me. So cute!