Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fast Food = Filthy Rich?

This post is purely my own opinion and I speak for only myself. This is the article from which I got my information.

When I first heard about fast food workers arguing for $15/hr I thought it was absolutely ludicrous and never thought it had any merit let alone actually coming through, and yet it has.

I worked at Mcdonald's when I was 14... 14!! There's about to be 14 year olds making more money than the military, teachers, caregivers, people which expensive degrees and physically demanding jobs. I understand the cost of living is high but what I don't understand is why this only applies to fast food workers. Why not raise the minimum wage? People who work other minimum wage jobs don't face the same cost of living problems? Everybody and they mama about to quit their job and go work at damn Burger King.

And honestly like I said, I worked at Mcdonald's when I was 14, that is who should be working at Mcdonald's not grown ass people who are trying to support themselves or a family. If you want higher wages get a better job. Now of course I don't think it's just that easy to find a good job especially when you have no degree (even no high school degree), or a conviction on your record or whatever other obstacles. But still, I take care of people's children, the most important thing in a person's life the most precious thing to them, and I don't make nearly $15/hr.

Then the workers want to be mad that this is going to be a gradual increase through 2018 and 2021, not an outright raise. Get the whole f*** out of here.

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