Friday, July 3, 2015

Making it my Own

I'm thinking about ways to redecorate my classroom. The first thing I'm going to do is put away that old radio with the cd player that skips and replace it with my iHome that I'm currently not using at home. I have some old iPods so I'm thinking I'm going to fill one with the children's music that I already have on my iTunes plus maybe some of the cds that are in the room already. My kids like the nursery rhyme, wheels on the bus type music but they also respond to the kidz bop and Frozen music so using the iPod will give me the opportunity to have a more variety of music plus I can add the nap time music right on it so I won't have to switch back to the cds.

Next week is Y week and I need to replace the door decoration to reflect the new roster of kids in my class. I'm thinking I'll tie it all together with making a big yellow sun made of handprints for the door. I'm going to take some of the things off the walls and doors in the room. We also have a line where we hang all of the children's artwork for the day. My idea is to have each child make a handprint and when they are all strung next to each other they'll form The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I feel like I shouldn't make so many changes sometimes because I am only taking over the room for the summer until the previous teacher comes back but she kept drilling into me that it's my room now and to do whatever I wanted. Plus it will make thing easier for me to organize things my way rather than having to search for wherever she kept things. I also have to come up with some new decorations for the windows, the old ones went into the childrens' books when the previous teacher left. We keep books with monthly updates of pictures and artworks for the kids and send them home at the end of the year.

The kids all know where their cubbies are and bring their nap things back to it when they wake up but with the children that are gone the cubbies will need to be moved. I'm thinking of adding the childrens' pictures to the bottoms to help them know where their things go. They currently have their names on them and we try to get them to recognize their names but they are still too little to do so. However I think that pictures on the bottom may get covered when they put their blankets away... but I guess they only need to see the pictures when they have their blankets out. I'm still mulling over these ideas I just felt like writing them down.

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