Thursday, July 9, 2015

Top 5 Pet Peeves of 2 year olds

Now I know children are children. These aren't even children these are just toddlers who can't barely talk or express what they want but I'm still a human and I get frustrated with some of the things they do. These 5 things are things that all toddlers do, will do, and are always going to do but they make me banonkers.

5. When they wait until you put a fresh diaper on them or just gave them the opportunity to use the potty... then take a HUGE crap in the new diaper less than 10 minutes later.

4. I don't mind tantrums so much. The crying I can handle but I can't stand when they scream. I don't deal with tantrums I take the child to a safe area where their kicking and thrashing won't break anything or hurt themselves and leave them alone but while I'm watching them. That "pause-in-the-crying-bloody-murder" scream makes me crazy.

3. When a kid hears you tell them something and doesn't do it or respond but looks at you but when you get up and start walking toward them they fix their behavior. You heard me, act right the first time!

2. When they start thinking they're the boss and telling everyone else what to do. And my NUMBER ONE thing that makes me absolutely cray cray...

1.When you tell one kid to stop doing something... and another kid takes that as you telling them to start doing it while they laugh at you.

Here's a Bonus Jonas pet peeve:

Kids who aren't infants putting their hands in their mouths. I know kids learn by putting things in their mouths when they're infants but when you're older than that it irks me. My kids have their hands in their mouth all the time and I'm just like I don't want to pick you up, have you playing with the toys everyone shares, or doing crafts with wet, sticky, smelly hands. It's gross.

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