Tuesday, July 14, 2015

G Week- Giraffe

This is another one I'm proud of because it came from my brain through a few different ideas I eventually landed on this. I was originally going to have the kids color a white paper with a yellow crayon and find something round to make brown dots with paint but I wasn't so into the idea. Then I found a brown bingo stamper which, hello, is perfect cause it's brown and it's already round. Well lets just get to it and I'll show you how it ended up.

What you'll need:

  • Yellow and green construction paper
  • Brown bingo stamper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A black marker
  • A pencil
  • A Giraffe cutout or stencil

What to do:
Now as you can see I do have a picture of a giraffe that I printed to trace. Why didn't I just have the kids color that? Because they're two and they wont stay in the lines it'd just be a yellow and brown mess. Plus I like to be a little more creative than just coloring when I can.
  1. Give the child a yellow piece of paper and the brown bingo stamper and let them go to town on the paper. Smaller children may need help cause they seem to not understand the difference between a bingo stamper and a marker.
  2. After giving the brown stamped page a little time to dry (it may not even need any unless they stamp super hard), turn the paper over and trace your giraffe with the pencil.*
  3. Turn you new giraffe to the front and enjoy how giraffe-y he looks. Don't forget to give him some giraffe features with your marker, a smile, a nose, an eye and ears, I also gave mine a mane and hooves.**
  4. Lastly, I wanted my giraffe to have some grass to roam on so I glued him to the green construction paper, making sure to put the glue on the giraffe not the paper.
The finished product:

*Note I chose to trace it on the back because I didn't want any pencil or eraser marks to show plus I think it adds to the creativity to not know exactly where the brown spots will land.

**Note if your giraffe stencil doesn't have a picture you may want to draw your features with a pencil first then go over it with the marker.

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